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TANK FIAT PANDA 4X4 #two INJECTION Model (‘94/EARLY 2000 Decades)

The next injection design is made for vehicles created by Fiat in the a long time from 1994 early 2000. This product of tank is geared up with oval relationship for oval formed fuel suction pump and the gas inlet tube, which connects to the rubber sleeve, is round formed with a diameter of 35 mm.

fiat panda 4x4We generate the exact same tank in corked variant also this is notably helpful if the petrol vapors’ recovery valves have been ruined: in truth with the corked tank the problem is surpassed and the mechanic, during the assembly phase, is appreciably facilitated in his function.

All our Panda tanks are printed in substantial excellent steel sheet, galvanized on both of those sides and with a thickness of one.five mm (in contrast to eight tenths thickness of the original fiat 500 f l r tank).

They are welded using a welding roller device controlled by a PLC following welding operations, in obedience to our substantial high quality criteria, they are pressed at one bar (ambiance) and managed in a h2o tub, simply because every tank manufactured by CTR will have to be one hundred% certain.

We use powder portray, which is the most effective safety for a tank whose posture is going through the floor and future to the wheel.

Thanks to the large quality of the item, the guarantee that we give is not significantly less than 40 decades. However, it does not protect any harm caused by impacts.

Our tank is, in the condition as in the proportions, certainly equivalent to the first model, which has been faithfully reproduced This ensures a clean and ideal installation.

In addition to the purely industrial 1, our mission is to supply a tank that, owing to the nature of the fluid which have to consist of, has an totally unobjectionable degree of security.

The manufacture of our tanks is visually impressive also many thanks to the stamping of remarkable quality. The solution is generally readily available. The delivery time is 24 to 48 hrs in accordance to the destination.
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