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TANK FIAT PANDA 4X4 #1 INJECTION Model (‘91/’93 A long time)

The initial injection product is made for cars and trucks produced by Fiat in the a long time 1991-1993. It is also appropriate with the Autobianchi / Lancia Y10 4x4. This product of tank is equipped with oval connection for oval formed gasoline suction pump and the fuel inlet tube, which connects to the rubber sleeve, it is also oval shaped.

fiat 500 tankvolumenWe generate the same tank in corked variant also this is particularly beneficial if the petrol vapors’ recovery valves were being damaged: in point with the corked tank the issue is surpassed and the mechanic, through the assembly period, is appreciably facilitated in his do the job.

All our Panda tanks are printed in significant good quality steel sheet, galvanized on equally sides and with a thickness of 1.five mm (in contrast to 8 tenths thickness of the primary Fiat tank).

They are welded working with a welding roller equipment controlled by a PLC just after welding operations, in obedience to our high excellent benchmarks, they are pressed at one bar (environment) and managed in a drinking water tub, for the reason that every tank designed by CTR need to be 100% guaranteed.

We use powder portray, which is the very best safety for a tank whose placement is dealing with the ground and subsequent to the wheel.

Because of to the higher high-quality of the products, the guarantee that we offer is not considerably less than 40 years. Having sbfd said that, it does not address any harm brought on by impacts.

Our tank is, in the form as in the dimensions, definitely similar to the primary model, which has been faithfully reproduced This ensures a easy and perfect installation.

In addition to the purely professional a person, our mission is to offer a tank that, because of to the character of the fluid which need to have, has an absolutely unobjectionable stage of protection.

The manufacture of our tanks is visually remarkable also thanks to the stamping of superior high-quality.

The item is constantly available. The shipping and delivery time is 24 to 48 several hours according to the place.
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